The Coffee Master

The Caffelier

Caffè del Caravaggio


The Caffelier of Caffè del Caravaggio, has created an innovative and complete system that will enable you to stand out, offering your customers a great new experience: coffee tasting.
A special moment and an additional service to be introduced alongside the more common wine and liqueur selection. An added touch for your customers that truly makes all the difference.
The Caffelier selected the best coffees in the world with care and skill and created a list of the suggested varieties to guide customers in their choice. An innovative concept that makes it very easy to obtain a unique tasting experience.
The knowledge and skill of the Caffelier have paved a new way for restaurant owners who want to offer something extra, and no longer just a simple coffee at the end of the meal. The Caffelier creates a real sensorial experience.

An additional way to match your clients expectations of your restaurant.