Coffee à la carte

Caffè del Caravaggio


Choosing coffee in the same way you choose a wine.
With this goal, the Caffelier created a menu of the finest varieties of coffee in the world, to offer customers a choice based on flavour and origin.
The Caffelier’s menu presents exclusive and fine single origins, all 100% pure Arabica, appreciated by connoisseurs and enthusiasts all over the world.
The Caffelier’s menu adds value to your restaurant and it is an important element to offer your customers excellent coffees while boosting the profit margins for the restaurant.
Coffee à la carte is the novelty that improve your customers’ experience and distinguishes your location from the competition.

Pure Arabica Blends

Rich and aromatic blends with unique flavours of pure Arabica coffees. A rigorous selection process to deliver only the best quality blends.

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Prestigious Single Origins

In our coffee menu there are the finest varieties of Arabica coffees, prized by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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