Caffè del Caravaggio


The Caffè del Caravaggio project begins with a vision. To make the coffee experience a multisensory ritual an unforgettable experience within the reach of everyone.

From this vision and commitment, supported by a unique passion, was born the Caffè del Caravaggio.

After extensive research, we have selected only high quality pure Arabica single origins and blends coffee. And we have created the first Coffee à la carte.

To obtain a high quality espresso, we have also developed an exclusive Caffè del Caravaggio coffee machine. Its smart technology guarantees a unique result in the cup.

It is an ecological system that is environmentally friendly and provides great energy savings, thanks to 100% compostable ecological pods (unlike the plastic and/or aluminum capsules)

A coffee so good that it deserves a place of honor in the kingdom of taste.

tenactaCaffè del Caravaggio is a TENACTA GROUP project.

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