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    Caffè del Caravaggio

OttocentoDieci Ristorante - Sannazzaro de' Burgondi (PV)

Caffè del Caravaggio, taste and aroma enhanced to power of ten for a product that does not know compromises, conceived and realized for the sole purpose to offer to the consumer a gourmet experience. 810 Restaurant has chosen it to enrich its menu, in the firm conviction that "coffee, as a last product served in every meal should be worthy of being called as such, and it deserves a prominent role during any lunch or dinner."

Amelia falco – Chef 810 Ristorante

Soul Kitchen Vegan & Raw Restaurant - Torino

"We have decided to enhance our coffee offering and increase our quality to offer you what we believe to be the best innovation, product and ecology to date. Thanks to the Caffè del Caravaggio we can offer you 7 different coffees, including Jamaica Blue Mountain, the "King of Coffee", 2 100% Arabian Guatemala and Ethiopia single-origins, Blends 100% Arabica, decaffeinated coffee in a natural way and Bio without the use of chemicals, Arabica flavored coffee with ginseng and a barley espresso.”

Luca Andrè

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