The King of Coffee, in Africa, is called Ethiopia Sidamo: a unique taste, an ancient tradition of timeless charm

The Sidamo region, located in the southern part of Ethiopia, delivers all over the world one of the finest coffee variety.

Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee is a great little miracle of nature since it is not produced in huge plantations but it grows thanks to many small producers and local families who often cultivate it in their gardens, in very limited quantities. It is believed that the plant of coffee itself originated in Ethiopia, where a juice extracted from its seeds was once used as a medicine. The Ethiopia Sidamo is grown at an altitude between 1,500 and 1,800 meters and is a single origin variety of pure Arabica with a very distinctive taste and precious organoleptic characteristics: to the palate, actually, it presents itself as a harmonious blend of aromas including hints of flowers, spices, fruits, nuts, honey and cocoa.

Such a special and luxurious coffee occupies a leading position in the prestigious coffee menu of Caffè del Caravaggio. Our special ecological coffee pods are designed to preserve all the aroma and exclusive taste of our coffee in an environmental friendly way. Thanks to Caffè del Caravaggio you can now enjoy the best African coffee in the world whenever you want, with an unmatched and certified quality.



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