Jamaica Blue Mountain: the best and most precious coffee in the world available also from Caffè del Caravaggio

Any expert or lover of quality coffee cannot avoid to be moved when thinking of Jamaica Blue Mountain, the best and most precious coffee in the world!

From the first half of the '700, Jamaica has become an island of coffee producer and its most prestigious variety gets its name from the Blue Mountains, the longest mountain chain in the country. This area has unique characteristics, which are essential to create the King of Coffee. The lavic ground is rich in potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. The constant presence of clouds, combined with low precipitation and the altitude allows the coffee to grow and mature in about ten months, a much longer time compared to the typical five/six months in other parts of the world. Those additional months are essential to give the Jamaica Blue Mountain a legendary and unmistakable taste, with hints of dried fruit and tobacco and the total absence of bitterness.

As typical of the most prestigious and exclusive products, the Jamaica Blue Mountain is protected by strict local regulations, necessary to prevent counterfeiting or quality losses. It grows only at an altitude of between one thousand and two thousand meters. Different from all the other world's coffees, once collected the Jamaica Blue Mountain is not packaged in sacks but in oak barrels, like the most renowned Caribbean rum. It is exported annually in very limited quantities and enjoys a cure "grain by grain" with an attention to details almost maniacal.

In creating its prestigious Coffee Menu, Caffè del Caravaggio could not refrain from including the best single-origin variety of pure Arabica existing in the world and our Jamaica Blue Mountain pods (strictly certified) represent the ultimate gourmet experience for coffee lovers of this wonderful drink. In addition, the machine designed and patented by Caffè del Caravaggio provides an exclusive extraction, which is essential not to "spoil" the precious treasure contained in each pod and guarantee all consumers a constant quality cup after cup.



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