Only the best coffee in the world can give life to the Coffee Menu. We have it and it is at your disposal!

Caffè del Caravaggio is the first company in Italy to offer with pride, confidence and determination a real Coffee Menu to its customers.

We are the most successful country in the world in the food & wine sector, and despite our valuable contribution to the coffee brewing methods (Mocha and Espresso are Italian brands), we got stuck for years in an environment populated by big brands offering more or less the same products and the same industrial quality, promoted by the same slogans.

The mission of Caffè del Caravaggio has always been to stand out from the crowd by offering excellent coffee any time, everywhere and regardless of who makes it. This has been obtained thanks to a patented machine and a range of single origin and blends, all certified 100% Arabica. For us the drink served at the end of a meal is not A coffee, but THAT coffee! That particular, unmistakable one chosen from a wide selection to match the preferences and desires of the customer. In our Coffee Menu you can find the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain, one of the rarest and most valuable varieties in the world characterized by an extraordinarily smooth and balanced taste. Directly from Africa we have selected Ethiopia Sidamo, single origin of pure Arabica with a fruity and spicy scent like no other, while we import from Guatemala the prestigious Guatemala Antigua Pastores, with the perfect blend of sweetness and "chocolaty".

Each of these varieties (along with various blends, flavored and decaffeinated coffee) is a pillar of our exclusive Coffee Menu, which joins with pride those of wines, beers, teas and, in general, of any quality beverage. You will accustom your clients to ask not only for a coffee but for THEIR PREFERRED COFFEE after a meal or at any time of the day... and they will love it!



Via Piemonte 5/11
24052 Azzano S. Paolo (BG) - ITALY
Tel. +39 035 688111
Fax +39 035 320149
P.IVA 02734150168

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