Coffee, better from Arabica or Robusta? The contest between these varieties has only one winner!

Many coffee lovers are convinced to know what is the best variety for this drink. Many think that "100% Arabica" is "Good" by definition, while Robusta coffee is synonymous with cheap or "Poor", but the truth is a little different.

There are fantastic pure Arabica single origins or blends, but also some rather poor: there are various factors that affect the quality of the coffee, not only the variety to which it belongs. But surely quality Arabica is a more precious variety, because its more complex molecular structure gives it two typical tastes, bitter and slightly acidic, while Robusta coffee has only one taste, the bitterness. Arabica can offer a broad variety of tastes compared to Robusta, which has basically a very "flat" taste. Caffè del Caravaggio Coffee has always chosen to focus only on single origins and blends 100% pure Arabica, a coffee characterized by a variety of different flavors and able to create a compact cream.

Unlike many others, we aim to offer a unique and distinctive experience to our consumers. Blends and single-origin varieties of pure Arabica coffee from Caffè del Caravaggio are certified and subjected to rigorous testing, they come from the highest quality crops in Brazil, Central America and Africa. Our coffees stand out for their full-body and intense aroma and have a long lasting taste like no other, with hints of citrus, toasted bread and dried fruits to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Among pure Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee the real winner is only one: the quality and the know-how of those who collect, process and distribute it. Everything else is marketing and it's time that coffee lovers become able to recognize and identify quality as such.



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