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The King of Coffee, in Africa, is called Ethiopia Sidamo: a unique taste, an ancient tradition of timeless charm

The Sidamo region, located in the southern part of Ethiopia, delivers all over the world one of the finest coffee variety.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain: the best and most precious coffee in the world available also from Caffè del Caravaggio

Any expert or lover of quality coffee cannot avoid to be moved when thinking of Jamaica Blue Mountain, the best and most precious coffee in the world!

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Only the best coffee in the world can give life to the Coffee Menu. We have it and it is at your disposal!

Caffè del Caravaggio is the first company in Italy to offer with pride, confidence and determination a real Coffee Menu to its customers.

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Coffee, better from Arabica or Robusta? The contest between these varieties has only one winner!

Many coffee lovers are convinced to know what is the best variety for this drink. Many think that "100% Arabica" is "Good" by definition, while Robusta coffee is synonymous with cheap or "Poor", but the truth is a little different.

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Coffee: better coffee pods or capsules? We have no doubt about it and we will prove it!

Since its establishment Caffè del Caravaggio made a very clear choice: quality without compromise. It is useless to patent the best coffee machine or choose the finest coffee in the world if then this value chain is broken by cheap containers that irrevocably alter the aroma.

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The ritual of coffee, the most loved drink by the Italians: we (could) do it better!

Coffee for us (Italians) is a real obsession and touches many social and commercial aspects of this beautiful country.  It moves a huge business, it employs thousands of people, is the basis of daily rituals shared by generations of consumers and is an immortal cornerstone of our food industry. 

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No plastic or alluminium

IMG2Our coffee is contained in a biodegradable packaging.
The quality of a superior coffee also depends from the values ​​of the company that produces it.
Caffè del Caravaggio gives top priority to consumer health and the environment, which is why we chose to pack our coffee in an environmental friendly and biodegradable coffee pod. Our coffee is enclosed in a special filter paper and not plastic or aluminum.

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Quality is our priority

img0Oxygen is the main factor that affects the ageing process of coffee, whether in beans or ground.
The contact of coffee with oxygen produces in few hours alterations in the composition of the volatile components of the aroma and causes coffee oils to go rancid.

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